Precise definition of data mining: a video suited for The Information Age

Following last Wednesday post I will continue today on the data mining topic. I found a video from Stanford online’s YouTube channel from 2011 featuring a Google data engineer talks about data mining. The title of the video is quite suited for this blog: Data Mining: The Tool of The Information Age.

Some introductory aspects of the video are worth to think about. Google’s Search Scientist and Stanford Instructor Rajan Patel makes a good point of distinguish what is from what isn’t data mining from the outset while provides the best definition he finds helps us best understand the topic:

Data Mining: Data Mining is the process of automatically discovering useful information in large data repositories.

  • Complex and noisy data
  • Data Quality
  • Privacy preservation
  • Streaming Data
  • Scalability
  • Dimensionality 

featured image: Stanford: Data Mining, Data Science Online Courses, Certificate


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