A16Z Podcast- Software is Securing the World

Hello and here we go for another week in The Information Age. Today it is a very brief post about Software security. The Andreessen Horowitz venture capital major firm releases from time to time important and interesting series of Podcasts. This is high quality content, very much in the spirit of this Blog. Martin Casado is one of the firm’s partners and in this talk he talks about how modern software developments are securing our increasingly digitally connected World. Worthwhile to listen and view with attention.

Yes, software isn’t only eating our businesses and touching every corner of human activities. It is – and it only could do it, for its own interests – also securing it with cleverer techniques and procedures. In this field, every bit counts and caution is never cheap, though…

Software Secures the World

by Martin Casado

Software Secures the World from Andreessen Horowitz on Vimeo.


Once upon a time, we thought of security measures as being built like a wall around a medieval city. Then, as threats grew in complexity, we began to think of it more like securing a city or nation-state. Finally, security grew alike to aerial warfare — mobile, quick, wide-ranging. Each of these new modes for thinking about security represented a major misalignment between the security threats that had evolved and our strategies/tactics for dealing with them.

Now we are once again at another such major misalignment — thanks largely to the cloud and new complexity — requiring both a shift in how we think about and respond to threats. But we also have security “overload” given the vast size of our systems and scale of notifications.

How do security threats develop? How should CEOs and CSOs think of planning for them? What role will AI and automation play? a16z general partner Martin Casado covers all this and more, from the perspective of someone who has experienced first-hand not just witnessed these shifts.


See you later!


featured image: The Rise Of The Infrastructure Developer – Network Computing

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