Data Show Podcast: Adam Gibson, deep learning and large enterprises

Today I will share with The Information Age audience the O’Reilly Data Show Podcast of this week. It features a nice interview with Adam Gibson where he talks about his projects around deep learning and applications within large enterprises frameworks.

The main projects that Adam is involved with are Skymind and deeplearning4j. These are projects around open-source major frameworks like Spark and Hadoop (Skymind) and the programming paradigms around Java Virtual Machines (JVM – deeplearning4jJVM – deeplearning4j).

The interview is worth to listen carefully. Especially for the data engineering and data science oriented audience. And both those projects and profiles such as Adam Gibson’s should be closely followed by the interested community (with all the due respect and better approach, minding the best standards of behavior within open-source communities, of course..). For example in it is discussed some shortcomings around the sometimes hard relationships between hardware providers – like NVIDIA or Intel – and the pace of development with software developments. Nothing that shouldn’t be properly dealt with, I suppose.

The key to building deep learning solutions for large enterprises


featured image: Skymind & Deeplearning4j: Deep Learning for the Enterprise



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