The State of Data Visualization – Catherine D’Ignazio at Information + Conference

I recently discovered another aggregator of Blogs and resources for statistics and Data Science called StatsBlogs. In it we can find numerous Blogs, links to websites and nice posts on Statistics/ Data related subjects.

One of today’s best entry in StatsBlogs was this post about the current issues and the overall sate of information visualization. It is recommended reading to anyone with an interest – professional or otherwise – in how information and data is visualized, interpreted and communicated. Also in the post we could find important links and remarks to work that is being done around the topic of uncertainty. Uncertainty is, I would say, an almost structural topic and issue of our time. And it maybe will be increasingly so in the future. So the relevance of posts and Blogs in websites such as StatsBlogs hardly are exaggerated or hyped overstatement, though we obviously are free to select what in our own subjective views may be the more relevant issues. Never forgetting that objectivity is even more important when we deal with uncertainty, of course.

One of the most interesting links I found in the mentioned post was the video I share and repost here today for The Information Age. It features Catherine D’Inazio, a data journalist practitioner from MIT Media Lab, and it gives us a nice overview of issues in data presentation and how proper, or lack thereof…, data visualization might make significant difference in interpretation of information in uncertain contexts. In the talk it is also explained and described how data is collected and handled (literally by hand) and how this is of unnoticed relevance. The presentation was named Creative Data Literacy and is from June 2016 Information + Conference event edition.

Catherine D’Ignazio from Information+ Conference on Vimeo.


featured image: InsideBigData  Visualization of the Week


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