O’Reilly Radar Podcast: Richard Socher on the future of deep learning

Hello again! Today is Podcast day. Within my today’s list of links from O’Reilly Data newsletter I found this article with a soundcloud podcast episode featuring Richard Socher, chief scientist at Salesforce.

It is a conversation worth to listen in full. So I will not do here a long post on it, and just kindly invite the reader to click the link below and enjoy for yourself. I just would like to point out the O’Reilly article because in it there is a lot of hyperlinks to further knowledge about this conversation, with all the relevant content and resources about Richard Socher and all that he works on. Here it is the introductory caption to the podcast:

In this episode of the O’Reilly Bots Podcast, Pete Skomoroch and I talk with Richard Socher, chief scientist at Salesforce. He was previously the founder and CEO of MetaMind, a deep learning startup that Salesforce acquired in 2016. Socher also teaches the “Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing” course at Stanford University. Our conversation focuses on where deep learning and NLP are headed, and interesting current and near-future applications.

Featured Image: Salesforce acquires MetaMind 



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