Deep Learning in the enterprise – Arjun Bansal, Nervana Systems

Today I will come back the series of videos from the recent Deep Learning Summit Re.Work London from last summer. This time to share the insights from Arjun Bansal from Nervana Systems about the implementation of deep learning algorithms and frameworks. It is interesting by the important topics of the talent mismatch in this field, inversely proportional to the potential of the technology and its transformational nature.

The impact of artificial intelligence and deep learning in the business sector, broadly, is hard to understate. So every enterprise in every sector should be ready and provide proper training and be attentive to the updates in the skill set required in these fields, as it is rightly a feature in this video:


The youtube introduction reads like this:

Catalyzing Deep Learning’s Impact in the Enterprise

Deep learning is in the early stages of unlocking tremendous economic value outside its impact in the large technology companies. While the algorithms have revolutionized consumer experiences in domains as varied as speech interfaces, image search, language translation, and game AI, enterprises are relatively early in their efforts to apply these algorithms to domains such as improving automotive speech interfaces, agricultural robotics and genomics, financial document summarization and finding anomalies in IoT data. Individual data scientists can draw from several open source frameworks and basic hardware resources during the very initial investigative phases but quickly require significant hardware and software resources to build and deploy production models. Nervana has built a deep learning platform to make it easy for data scientists to start from the iterative, investigatory phase and take models all the way to deployment. Nervana’s platform is designed for speed and scale, and serves as a catalyst for all types of organizations to benefit from the full potential of deep learning.

Arjun is the founder and VP Algorithms (Heading ML/DL & Data Science) at Nervana. His prior work has spanned neurophysiology and large scale machine learning. His interests are artificial intelligence, virtual reality, brain-machine interfaces, entrepreneurship, and tennis.


Featured Image: Dataversity post  Nervana Systems Raises $3.3M for Deep Learning

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