Re.Work Summit 2016: SwiftKey innovative applications

The Re.Work organization is an excellent gathering of people, ideas and efforts at the edge of Science & Technology developments and breakthroughs with high potential to become commercial viable projects. Based in a place like London, home to the best possible in academic issues about science & technology, and also where the best entrepreneurial minds and mindsets live in Europe and beyond, their initiatives are a must see to anyone who take these issues seriously enough.

This year Re.Work Deep Learning Summit 2016 was another excellent repertoire of deeply interesting talks, presentations and interviews that here at The Information Age we took note and will be pleased to share widely with its audience and all welcomed newcomers .

I present today a talk with Ben Medlock, Founder & CTO, Swiftkey at Deep Learning Summit, and his take on the company. The video and the description below should be enough for now:

SwiftKey is best known for its smart typing technology which learns from each user to accurately autocorrect and predict their most-likely next word, and features on more than 250 million devices to date. SwiftKey Keyboard for Android is used by millions around the world and recently went free on Google Play after two years as the global best-selling paid app. SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone and iPad launched in September 2014, following the success of iOS note-taking app SwiftKey Note. SwiftKey has been named the No 1 hottest startup in London by Wired magazine, ranked top 5 in Fast Company’s list of the most innovative productivity companies in the world and has won a clutch of awards for its innovative products and workplace. Ben has a First Class degree in Computer Science from Durham University and a PhD in Natural Language and Information Processing from the University of Cambridge.

As co-founder and CTO of SwiftKey, Ben Medlock invented the intelligent keyboard for smartphones and tablets that has transformed typing on touchscreens. The company’s mission is to make it easy for everyone to create and communicate on mobile.


Of further note I would stress the important role that the technologies that SwifKey uses might play in robust security settings around the sensitive issues of password protection.

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