Big Data analytics and ‘democratizing’ Technology

I would like to post here today what for me was the most rewarding read of the day on the subject of Big Data analytics.

This is a subject hardly overstated in its current importance for a variety of fields and industries. We are living through the revolution of Data Science in almost any corner of our lives, be it in the Economy, Science, Public Policy, Social Networks or concerns regarding Climate Change. And the techniques for handling the vast amounts of Data being generated have seen some important improvements in recent years, despite the hype and soundbyte that goes with this.

In actuality there is a gap in the the rate of Data generated and the methods and resources – specially Human resources – needed to cope with the needs.


This website Datanami forms part of an intersting group of sites devoted to everything Biga Data, Data Analytics, High-performance Computing and related subjects of study, and contains good content and links to explore. Today this piece caught my attention because it is about the trend in opening up all the technological details in these matters, seen as a way to counter precisely the gap I referred to above. Another proof, if there was any need, that the ‘democratization’ or serious cooperation and shared trust is the way forward to address many of our problems. Even if we happen to paradoxically view things differently or think about reality in otherwise ways.


” The “democratization” of analytics illustrated by the transition to self-service business intelligence and foolproof…

Posted by Edgar Technologies on Monday, February 8, 2016


The “democratization” of analytics illustrated by the transition to self-service business intelligence and foolproof BI platforms promises to boost to global analytics market to new heights in 2016 and beyond, market researcher forecast.

Gartner Inc. (NYSE: IT) predicted the worldwide BI and analytics market would reach $16.9 billion this year, up 5.2 percent over 2015. Last month, it projected the “advanced analytics” market would grow at a 14-percent clip this year to $1.5 billion as more data is shared on secure platforms.


The emergence of combined BI and analytics platforms has fueled what the market researcher calls “the democratization of analytics” as “every business process [becomes] an analytics process and every person is an analytics user.”

The traditional approach in which data scientists and the IT department created “analytics content” through data consolidation and modeling is being replaced by emerging BI platforms that support “IT-enabled development of analytics content” by business users, Gartner said.

Photo and featured image: Datanami and  Tech ‘Democratization’ Seen Fueling Analytics Boom


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