Artificial Intelligence and its Economic future

I encourage my good friends to have a go and read the morning essay (should I call it that….?) by Izabella Kaminska for FTAlphaville on Artificial Intelligence. So nice… Here it is some good passages (check full text on the link below):

” And what of the possibility that we accidentally create a rogue or hostile AI whose intelligence doesn’t just match ours but surpasses it? Will we face an ethical dilemma if and when it comes to sentencing such an intelligence to death for the benefit of humanity? Who will pass those judgments? And how will we determine what qualifies as an evil consciousness or a good one? How exactly will we play god?

For now, a small group of logic-oriented scientists acting on their own accord seems to be dictating how this narrow but increasingly important field of research develops over time. Yet their actions undeniably have the potential to impact all our lives. ”


” While Stringer says his team is actively encouraging cooperation with other academic faculties, among them philosophy, law and theology, that seems hardly good enough. Measures by Demis Hassabis’ DeepMind project — Google’s AI bet — to appoint an ethics committee entirely on his own terms seem equally elitist and opaque.
What’s really needed, we’d argue, is full-scale public scrutiny and inquiry into all these projects sooner rather later.
We need commissions, we need licenses, we need democratic processes and we need government-regulated failsafes insisted upon today not tomorrow — including the equivalent of a formalised legal structure which encompasses the spirit of Asimov’s laws of robotics. Last of all, we need to publicly weigh the positives and negatives of continuing this research to its natural conclusion at all. “

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